Used Cranes

Buying Used Machinery

A new purchase or long-term rental are not the only options for expanding your equipment fleet. Buying used machinery is a smart and cost-effective alternative.

Inspected and Low-hour Used Cranes

In a conversation about heavy machinery, you might hear the word “used” and immediately affiliate it with “lesser quality” or “unwanted.”

The truth is that most used cranes for sale still operate at acceptable to exceptional standards — especially if they’ve been serviced and refurbished by a provider that does not compromise on its commitment to excellence. Pinnacle Cranes is one such company, as we employ highly skilled and experienced individuals who know how to get the most out of every used crane that enters our stock yard.

All of our used cranes are thoroughly inspected and meet/exceed our industry’s highest standard of quality. We ensure that our used cranes are young and low-hour so you can get the maximum life out of your crane.

Why Opt for a Used Crane?

You’ll need to consider your industry’s demands when deliberating on purchasing new or used equipment.

New cranes offer innovative technology and no prior workloads, which can extend lifespans tremendously. However, these options might not fit into your budget realistically, and you want to optimize your ROI and recoup your investment quickly without sacrificing the quality of work you produce at each jobsite.

Buying a used crane from a reputable dealer like Pinnacle Cranes will address those requirements. When you visit one of the largest crane dealers in the Southeast, you’ll find numerous options that fit all sizes, ages and workload capacities.

7 Reasons to Buy Used Cranes from Us

We understand procuring a used product for your business is a vital decision that will carry significant repercussions, which means you’ll want to research exhaustively for an option that checks all the boxes. End your search with Pinnacle Cranes. We are dedicated to supplying our customers with superior cranes, new and used. When considering the purchase of a used crane, advantages of buying from us include:

1. All cranes are thoroughly inspected
2. Our cranes are young and low hour
3. Link-Belt retains its value very well
4. Our cranes are competitively priced
5. All cranes come with owners kits, parts manuals, and service manuals
6. We can arrange delivery or your can pick up your crane
7. We are federally inspected and maintain the highest quality and integrity

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