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What makes Pinnacle Cranes a better choice for your crane rental needs? Here are 12 reasons:

  1. Our Cranes are Work-Ready and Reliable
    Our fleet is loaded with low-hour, reliable cranes that are constantly inspected and maintained to the strictest standards. We minimize your downtime by renting work-ready cranes every time.
  2. Our Cranes Feature the Latest Technology
    The right technology can redefine productivity on the jobsite. Ask about available technology the next time you rent!
  3. EPA Compliant
    Our fleet consists of late-model, low-hour cranes that meet current EPA standards. As those standards get tighter and enforcement becomes more prevalent, we ensure our cranes stay up-to-date to make you more efficient and profitable! That’s one less thing you have to worry about.
  4. Be More Efficient
    Expect the newest and best cranes from Pinnacle Cranes. Don’t try to get by with less than what you need: use the right crane and boom truck to get the job done right and increase your uptime.
  5. No Maintenance Costs
    Renting from us means you don’t have to worry about maintenance and repair services, service tooling, spare parts and time-consuming maintenance records. We do it all for you. Our rental agreements cover complete equipment maintenance.
  6. Eliminate Storage Costs
    No need to maintain a storage yard. The machinery is yours only when you need it. We take care of it when you don’t.
  7. No Capital Investment
    Renting cranes frees up your company’s capital and allows you to apply the money you save with rentals to other business expenses. You incur a machinery expense only when it is needed for a particular job.
  8. Strengthen Your Borrowing Power
    Rental equipment does not appear as a liability on your balance sheet. Renting can increase your borrowing power by offering a better asset to liability ratio.
  9. Your Cranes Don’t Go Obsolete
    Crane ownership can be costly, and its value depreciates over time. Renting from Pinnacle Cranes allows you to use the latest cranes whenever you need them, without depreciation concerns.
  10. Try It Before You Buy It
    Wondering if a particular crane or boom truck would fill your job needs? Nothing beats testing it on the jobsite. A rental lets you do just that.
  11. Supplement Your Core Fleet
    Let’s face it, you probably don’t have precisely the right crane or boom truck for every job, but Pinnacle Cranes does!  As your capabilities, project requirements and customer demands change, call us first for the cranes you need.
  12. We Provide Excellent Service
    Unlike some other crane rental companies, the Pinnacle Cranes team understands your business, and nobody knows cranes like we do. We can help you select the right crane for every application. Let us help make your job easier and increase your uptime!

Give us a chance to become your trusted partner. Call us at 888-746-6222.

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